Simol, a leading manufacturer of jacks

Stefano Silvani
Simol CEO
Simol is a company focused in the design and manufacture of jacks, jockey wheels and landing legs for all towed equipment. 

Starting in the field of agricultural mechanics, we then extended our activity to the field of car trailers, construction equipment, industrial trailers and semi-trailers and then moved more recently to the field of road maintenance, airport maintenance and snowmaking machinery. 

From the beginning Simol had a very international vocation, thanks to the vision and foresight of the founder Vittorio Silvani. This has given us the opportunity to grow continuously by innovating and differentiating our offer by anticipating market demands and providing customized items to the customer's request. Therefore, we have created a flexible organization that allows us to offer our customers items based on efficient, industrial-type manufacture. 

To achieve this goal we tried over the years to pursue continuous improvement, technological innovation, partnerships with the Universities, collaboration with customers, but above all the continuous training of our employees, a training that is of a systematic and specializing type.