Maintenance tutorial for the DG single speed and DG3SF single speed range

Welcome to this video tutorial regarding the maintenance of Simol DG range single speed 3SF support feet.
The video will be divided into four chapters covering: knob installation or replacement; bolt replacement; bevel gear replacement; and greasing.

Chapter 1: Mounting or replacing the knob.

Tools needed: a plastic hammer.
Give two or three strokes on the front face of the red knob, so that the retaining ring is correctly positioned on the handle pin.
The knob should be able to rotate freely after the operation is completed.

Chapter 2: Replacing the Latch

Tools required: a pair of pliers
Remove the old S-hook from the hole on the latch retaining bracket and insert the same S-hook supplied in the Simol repair kit into the same hole.
Join the two chains; tighten the open part of the S-hook with pliers until completely closed.

Chapter 3: replacement of the bevel gears for the Custom and Standard versions

Tools required for the Custom version: two 13 mm wrenches, a 5 mm pin punch, a medium size Seeger pliers to open, a hammer.
Proceed to remove the gearbox cover by unscrewing the two screws and nuts that hold it in place.
Then, using the pin crusher, remove the 6 x 40 spring pin binding the pinion to the handle pin.
Now slide the handle out of its housing, thus freeing the pinion.
Once the pinion is removed from the gear box, it will be possible to freely access the crown gear.
Only after removing the retaining Seeger and applying axial force, it is possible to remove the crown from the screw collar.
Once the crown removed, the drive key can be removed from its seat.

Replacement of bevel gear pair for the Standard version

Tools required: two 13 mm wrenches, a small, slotted screwdriver

Proceed to remove the gearbox cover by unscrewing the two screws and nuts that hold it in place.
Remove the pinion, use the screwdriver to move the circumferential retaining spring of the drive pin to the side.
Once the plug removed, a slight pressure of the screwdriver will allow the handle to be removed from its housing.
Once the pinion removed, applying slight axial force, remove the crown from the screw collar.
Now remove the drag pin and basal shim ring.
The Simol maintenance kit is fitted with all parts necessary for reassembly. Proceeding in reverse order will complete the operation.
The original Simol bevel gear maintenance kit is compatible with both the Custom and Standard versions.

Chapter 4: Greasing

We recommend using a molybdenum disulfide grease already applied on all our products.
These simple operations allow the product to maintain its characteristics and efficiency unaltered for many years.