Lasertube LT7

Innovation thanks to Sustainable Investments 4.0

The new latest generation LT7 Fiber Laser has arrived and replaces the old Laser LX.
The new machine will ensure greater productivity and efficiency, with a lower energy waste.
The peculiarities of the LT7 are the quality and precision of the parts, the flexibility of use and a considerable saving of time and material.
Lasertube LT7
Lasertube LT7
The purpose of the funded project is the installation of the Lasertube LT7 Machine, a high-productivity laser system. It is a state-of-the-art automatic equipment suitable for processing by laser beam of tubes and profiles.
The innovative Lasertube replaces an obsolete installation with expected results of:
  • increasing production capacity in cutting certain raw materials 
  • cutting thicker raw materials with different assist gases
  • performing some new machining operations 
  • performing automatic loading, orientation and cutting of special formats
Achieved results are confirmed as expected and specifically:
  • Production capacity has been increased, compared to the replaced machinery, from 10% to 117%.
  • It is possible to cut using assist gas with industrial management. 
  • The new processes (writing, cutting from -45° to +45°) make it possible to obtain the finished piece on the machine without the need for one or more steps on other machines
  • It is possible to manage the cutting of some formats completely automatically, from loading to storage, without human intervention
  • It is possible to get the machine situation in real time without waiting for data from the company's Management System
Finally, there is the possibility to install a robotic island for parts unloading.