EMDA 2023

EMDA 2023
We are enthusiastic to announce that Simol will be exhibiting at the EMDA 2023 Convention, which will take place in Kansas City, Missouri.

This is a premier event and a unique opportunity to share knowledge and connect with other industry leaders.
EMDA (Equipment Marketing & Distribution Association) is the globally recognised US association of importers, wholesalers and distributors and manufacturers' representatives of equipment and components for the agricultural and related industries. The association has been the vital link between North American manufacturers and retailers for at least six decades.   
Our presence at EMDA 2023 underlines our ongoing commitment to offering our customers maximum value through state-of-the-art solutions and high-quality service.

The EMDA Fall Convention is the most well-attended event organised by EMDA and this year will be held from October, 31st  to November, 2nd 2023 in Kansas City, Missouri; it will be an important meeting and networking opportunity for Simol!