Type QLT W

"ISO-12140 certified jack, swivel, 2-speeds" designed for agricultural machines and trailers and for construction machinery and for trailers and semi-trailers

Technical data and performance

Outer tube (mm)
Screw stroke (mm (+-10))
Unitary weight (kg)
Max. static load (kg)
D - Total height when retracted (mm)
E (mm)
I (mm)
On request
For agricultural machines and trailers
For construction machinery
For trailers and semi-trailers
NoteDouble speed,
Heavy Duty,
ISO-12140 Certification: lifting capacity= 455 kg, side torque class= I
Outer tube (mm)Ø 60
Screw stroke (mm (+-10))365
Unitary weight (kg)7,1
Max. static load (kg)2658
D - Total height when retracted (mm)550
E (mm)165
I (mm)390
On requestNo

Drawings and other technical data

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Simol's trailer jacks and wheel jacks are chosen by the best international manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Simol's trailer jacks and wheel jacks are a garantee for resistance to aggressive operating conditions, ensure quick handling, and have minimal maintenance requirements.

Simol's trailer jacks and wheel jacks support machines for building industry, which are heavy equipment on difficult terrain, in working conditions where safety is always essential.

Simol's parking jacks are ideal for road trailers and semi-trailers, but also for forest trailers. Simol's parking jacks ensure quick and easy handling but also resistance to vibrations. These conditions are fundamental for the transport of trailers, road semi-trailers, tandem trailers and forest trailers in total safety and efficiency.

QLT3153W ISO-12140 certified jack, swivel, 2-speeds with total extension 365 mm (+-10) and 2658 kg Max. static load capacity
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