Safety of Simol parking jacks

Simol parking jacks are an integral part of the machine which they are fitted to. The end user requires not only functionality, but also absolute reliability.

For this reason, Simol develops its products with safety in mind. In fact, Simol was an integral part of the International Technical Committee for the revision of the ISO 12140 standard, the first international standard for parking jacks, which indicates how to design, build, test and validate them.

Based on this standard, Simol, an ISO 9001 certified company, developed its own flagship range of certified products, called Simol Q.

This range of products incorporates the Simol's new know-how, developed over more than 60 years of activity, the result of investments in research and innovation and continuous improvement in both internal and external company processes.

From the development of the customer’s idea to the CAD design, to the structural analysis, to the use of special high-performance materials, up to the realization of the products with specially implemented production techniques.

Moreover, Simol, in order to guarantee the requirements of the ISO 12140 standard, developed - together with the University of Bologna - a specific test bench, unique in its kind.

This bench allows to directly test on the finished product the qualitative and functional requirements of safety and reliability, directly in our factory, in our laboratory.

Last but not least, all the feet of the Simol Q range are manufactured with an ISO 3834/2 certified welding system, characterized by numerous controls that guarantee reliability and traceability.

This is a further guarantee for the quality of Simol Q products.